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Since the early 1990's, the University of Oregon has sponsored a free figure drawing session, open to the public.

The three-hour class, at Lawrence Hall, included nude models.

They had planned to swim but when they got there, met by the foster mother of his brother, there was a large nudist gathering and the nudists were swimming, sunbathing and variously cavorting– you know, just enjoying their clothing-optional lifestyle.

That turned into a bit of a fiasco, but that’s different story. All of the nudists have high-tailed it back to town, as it’s way to cold for those shenanigans in the mountains.

Visit hip Portland with its happening foodie and arts, sample microbrews in Bend, see top-notch theater in Ashland or explore maritime history in Astoria. Hood and rafting in the Columbia River Gorge will thrill outdoor enthusiasts.Recently, participants were informed the college was cancelling the session.After the U of O discontinued the Saturday Figure Drawing Group, there were campus protests and national headlines.—and he’s having a colossal case of writer’s block. The problem for Viola is that she is being married off to a Lord she cannot stand, while she longs to be an actor. Women cannot appear on the stage, and a father can marry his daughter off to the man of his choosing.His patrons want a comedy, but he hungers for something more . Through the deepening love he feels for Viola, Will’s play changes from a bad comedy to his tragic masterpiece Romeo and Juliet.

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