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The Hollywood Museum is pleased to present "Jean Harlow: Hollywood's First Blond Bombshell." The exhibit opened to to the public this month in celebration of the iconic platinum blond, Jean Harlow. That is all you need to say and everyone knows who you are talking about," comments TV bad girl, Alison Arngrim (Little House on the Prairie).Among the eclectic list of personalities of every age that on hand to pay tribute to the great Jean Harlow were Illeana Douglas, Barry Livingston, Kate Linder, Alison Arngrim, Lee Purcell, Erin Murphy, Chad Roberts, Jax Malcolm, Kat Kramer, Steven Wishnoff, Ciara Wilson, Austin and Aedin Mincks Hunter Payton, Joey Luthman, Olivia Ooms , Matt & Mark Harris and many more.The US Armed forces are deployed in the form of 1-star general General Mills (the Patton-esque Richard Pruitt) and his scene-stealing silent sidekick Private Partz (Chad Harlow, who is eloquent with his eyebrows and withering glares). The cast is mainly too good for the material; standouts are Alet Taylor, who vamps like nobody's business as Yoni (though it's never explained why she stays in her leopard-print catsuit but loses her Magenta wig for a more sedate number in Act II), and Merrill Grant as Donna, who clambers all over the stolid Paul Downs Colaizzo.Everything happens the way you might expect, if you know the genre being lampooned and are familiar with the brand of shecky comedy (oh my goodness, one of the characters is actually gay? Chad Harlow is hilarious as the long-suffering Private Partz.“Ako se donira sperma, zašto se ne bi donirale i reproduktivne usluge? Međutim, kritičari ovih krajne liberalnih teza upozoravaju kako ovakav pristup pogoduje klimi u kojoj ženska tijela postaju samo “tvornice djece” te se u stvarnosti za usluge “unajmljivanja”” svojih maternica u velikom postotku odlučuju upravo siromašne žene.Za moge je, dakle, ovo pitanje prije svega klasno jer nećete pronaći mnogo žena koje, primjerice, pripadaju višoj klasi kako pružaju reproduktivne usluge nekoj obitelji iz srednje ili radničke klase.

The "Jean Harlow: Hollywood's First Blond Bombshell," exhibit, will offer a rare and intimate look into the personal and professional life of, arguably, one of the greatest sex symbols of all time, including the never-before-publically-seen Tino Costa life-size painting of Jean Harlow that was commissioned by her mother, Jean Bello and hung in her home after Harlow's death.

Erin Webley stands out from the ensemble with her totally committed facial expressions.

Poor Barry Pearl does his best in a costume that gives him no arms or peripheral vision.

Ipak, oko ovog pitanja, kao uostalom i kod pitanja legalizacije prostitucije ili pornografije, lome se koplja i među samim feministkinjama, jer za razliku od spomenute pozicije Europskog ženskog lobija, koja surogat majčinstvo naziva privremenim ropstvom, odnosno povratkom u kmetsvo, dio feministkinja podržava ovu ideju prepoznajući u njoj samo produžetak reproduktivnih prava žene.

Pravo izbora na odluke o svom tijelu, tvrdi ova struja, ne može se limitirati na, primjerice, pravo na abortus već žena mora imati pravo, ako tako odluči ustupiti i svoje reproduktivne usluge.

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