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If you embed your cybertwin in your blog, website, or My Space profile, visitors can learn about you through an open-ended conversation.You can program your cybertwin with as much factual information and as much of your personality as you like.

In such settings, participants effectively become the avatars they’ve created, looking out through their eyes and engaging with other such beings.

Advertising has always targeted a powerful consumer alter ego: that hip, attractive, incredibly popular person just waiting to emerge (with the help of the advertised product) from an all-too-normal self.

Now, in cyberspace, consumers are taking the initiative and adopting alter egos that are anything but under wraps.

Community Convention held last weekend in San Francisco is any sort of barometer, the people who get involved in online worlds are as socially adept and gregarious as anyone else.

The convention brought hundreds of residents together in person for a few days of panel presentations, field trips and parties.

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