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Download the app, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and a few minutes later your cam is connected and ready to live stream and record.But that also means you can expect a few hiccups or necessary restarts if your network happens to not be playing nice at the moment.You have to plug in the camera, so you’ll want to have an outlet relatively close by (it comes with a 3 meter USB cable and wall adapter for power), but the design gives you a few options for positioning and mounting.The base is magnetic and comes with a screw-on wall mount or can optionally sit upright on a desk or other flat service.

The fine new Nest Cam home-security video camera, introduced recently by Google-owned Nest Labs for 9, is a 4.5-inch inch tall eyeball on a pedestal that's connected to Wi-Fi and can send you alerts on your phone.Nest Labs said it was working on a fix that would be available in a few days.We will update this story with further developments.] The Nest Cam Outdoor is a sleek, conical device with a white weatherproof shell and a black face.That freaked my kids out at first, but then they thought it was neat.For many of us, Nest Cam and other similar products is not so much about checking in on the family, as making sure no one breaks into the house.

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