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Now you can keep a watchful eye on the storied waters all day and night if you want thanks to this cam, which is perched atop a lakeside pasture.

To the 310 million monthly active Snapchat users, many of whom are in their teens and early 20s: Sorry, but old people are about to crash your party. And that is exactly why the app is exploding in use, even recently overtaking Twitter in terms of daily users.

Today could be the day we celebrate Girexit."7pm GMT: The zoo keeper has said he has noted how large April is as they notice her bulges.

Although there is no sign of the baby, the adventure park has suggested this could be the "calm before the storm".

Also, with strangers who may or may not be wearing clothes.

April the giraffe looks set to deliver an ‘April Fools baby’ later today as signs of contractions and labour continue.

In its latest update, the Animal Adventure Park said: “It looks like we will have an April Fools baby! ” TO CONTINUE TO FOLLOW OUR LIVE UPDATES ON APRIL THE GIRAFFE - CLICK HEREpm GMT: Fans are guessing which day could be a ‘Girexit’ with April finally giving birth.

“Who could have ever predicted this, unfolding as it has. Jill Baker wrote on Twitter: “Just when I though April the Giraffe was truly in about, she laid down.”Another user said: "Forget Brexit.

As if that weren't enough, they have cams for penguins, belugas, and jelly fish too.

Some people say the Loch Ness Monster is nothing but a naturally occurring wind-swept ripple in the water, others claim they’ve seen some diplodocus-esque beast breach the surface several times.

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