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Now we concentrate on building our castle of sand in the form of debts to the nations that are now racing to secure the moon's resources. We want to steal oil here on earth from angry Muslims while there is no bin Laden on the moon, is there?From the Times: With Asia's biggest powers set to launch their first unmanned lunar missions — possibly as early as next month — the countdown has begun in the hottest space race since the United States beat the Soviet Union to the moon nearly four decades ago.Lee; a Naval appointment document signed by Thomas Jefferson, a contract signed by Michael Jackson for the album Thriller; the 1940 contract naming Walt Disney the President of Disney Productions; a 1963-64 Beatle Fan Club card signed by all four Beatles on the front; and numerous other pieces.“Whether you collect historic baseballs, game-used items, championship rings, rare trading cards, Disney memorabilia, Presidential and historical artifacts or even the Beatles, this auction has something for everyone,” said Ken Goldin, Founder of Goldin Auctions.Rockefeller, Babe Ruth, Walt Disney, Mickey Mantle, The Beatles, Ted Williams, and even Michael Jackson hit the auction block Sunday at Goldin Auctions.

"The family did not know much about baseball cards, but they did recognize the name 'Ty Cobb' which gave them some hope that the cards might actually have some value. "While they didn't know if their great grandfather and his family ever collected baseball cards, they did believe that he enjoyed using tobacco for rolling his own cigarettes and pipe smoking, which helps explain the logical connection to the tobacco cards." It's not clear what the value of these cards is exactly.More than 160 years later, one of the earliest known photographs of Rockefeller has been uncovered.Randall Cobb’s amazing Aiyda Ghahramani, 25, the daughter of Shahla and Bahador Ghahramani.California-based Professional Sports Authenticator, which assessed the find, calls this Ty Cobb card "one of the most valuable cards — pound-for-pound - in the entire hobby." PSA President Joe Orlando, who authenticated the cards, writes that they date back to when tobacco companies tucked the collectibles into boxes of their products.He says the Cobb cards are even rarer than the elusive Honus Wagner card, described as "the most coveted baseball card of all-time." (As that story goes, Wagner allegedly didn't want to encourage kids to smoke and demanded the tobacco company stop production of his card.) The "T206 Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb back," as it's known to collectors, was likely a limited release and differs from the standard Ty Cobb card produced by the American Tobacco Company in a few key ways, Orlando writes. And second, "instead of showcasing one of the other 15 tobacco brands found on the revers of each card, these special Cobb cards have 'TY COBB — KING OF THE SMOKING TOBACCO WORLD' on the revers in green ink." Orlando describes how the seven cards featuring the player nicknamed "The Georgia Peach" were uncovered earlier this year: "The cards were found inside a torn paper bag on the floor.

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