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The best time to visit Athens is during spring and autumn, as in the summer, high temperatures and increased traffic may prove to be very harsh.

If you are resistant to heat, though, a visit in mid-August may be better, when a large percentage of Athenians have left the city for their vacations.

Apart from this, also impressive are the Propylaea, the temple of the Athene Nike and the , while you must not skip a visit to the Museum, located close to the Parthenon.

Moreover, from the rock you have an impressive view of the city.

Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world's oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning over 3,400 years, and its earliest human presence starting somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennium BC.

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Discover entire cities preserved in ash, and stand in the footprints of philosopher kings with picturesque views of the city, in the company of family.

Don't miss these additional trips: More Trips from Athens.

Century BC (the “Golden Age of Pericles”) – the culmination of Athens’ long, fascinating history – the city’s values and civilization acquired a universal significance.

At first glance, Athens might discourage visitors due to its seemingly unorganised appearance. The historic centre, major sites and dining and entertainment venues are all clustered together, making Athens a great place to walk in.

After the Olympic games of 2004, great efforts have also been made to reorganise the city.

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