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The bill would also make health care providers report any vaccinations they administer to kids to their local public health unit.Right now, the onus is solely on parents to keep track of their kids’ immunization records.

Our reason for writing again is that informed consent with regard to vaccination is not improving in Ontario since our initial complaint in 2012.Instead the legal rights of parents to informed consent are being disrespected and eroded even further.We update you with the following: On February 29, 2016, CTV Toronto News at Noon covered a press conference held by the Minister of Health, Dr. You can read the entire transcript, with screen shots here, and watch the video of the news segment here.The hope, in this instance, is to decrease suspensions caused by out-of-date immunization records.Keep in mind, over the past few months, thousands of students across the province, from Waterloo to Ottawa and Toronto have been sent home because their records weren’t updated.

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