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” As Carthic, 32, phrased it to me later: “They’re voice-famous.” Kay and Tessler owe their vocal fame to Start Up, the business podcast from Gimlet Media’s Alex Blumberg.

C., launch party where the podcast might’ve upstaged the matching. ” the question of the night was: “What do you listen to?

” Carthic had attended a matchmaking session with Dating Ring co-founder Tessler before the launch party.

He said he felt way more comfortable chatting with her about his interests and dating goals because she felt familiar from his podcast listening.

It can be concurrently produced with RW data from images of finely sanded conifer samples but at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional latewood density.

Our study shows that the probability of successfully crossdating historical samples is greatly increased using BI compared to RW.

” Lauren Kay and Emma Tessler yelled out to the crowd of 20- and 30-somethings. The second season of the popular podcast followed the two 20-something entrepreneurs on their path to build Dating Ring, which aims to combine the best of online dating and old-fashioned matchmaking.

A line of excited whispers cut through the work suits and LOFT dresses. At Irish Whiskey Public House in Dupont on Wednesday night, Dating Ring held a Washington, D.

Dating Ring’s matchmakers talk to singles about what they’re looking for in a partner, and then send along two to three matches.

However, the signal in RW data can be obscured due to site specific ecological influences (natural and anthropogenic) that impact crossdating success.

In this paper, using data from Scotland, we introduce a novel tree-ring parameter (Blue Intensity – BI) and explore its utility for facilitating dendro-historical dating of conifer samples.

Undergraduate and graduate students from Cornell worked with collaborators in Cyprus to apply tree-ring dating to clarify the ages of parts of the church of the Holy Cross at Palendri, a 12th century AD cultural heritage monument in Cyprus.

The students participated in a seminar on Dendrochronology and Architectural History held on June 14th at the Church of the Holy Cross in the village of Pelendri led by Sturt Manning, Goldwin Smith Professor of Classical Archaeology, and Cyprus Institute Professor Nikolas Bakirtzis.

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