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the story was's too long, i got bored..i only continue watching it because the setting was jeju city..i wasn't able to roam the island because the people i was intouched with there especially the drivers & taxi drivers were not tourist friendly.i really frustrated.. I was finished this drama, I am very interesting with character of lee sang possesif with tae sub haha..I hope both of them have special relationship like that in real life haha..kyungsoo always give what taesub needed.ya..conflict about yang cho rong its so funny..recomended drama for all..The prosecutor's arrest warrant issued for the Brotherhood's supreme guide, Mohammed Badie, as well as nine other leading Islamists will almost certainly stoke anger among the group's supporters and fellow Islamists.

I love it~ @Rayan the letter was retyped and reedited from the Radio Company .. of course they can't read the whole content they need to choose right words or stuffs viewers can understand and relate easily omg this is one of the most saddest korean movie .. Nothing much really happened in the story beside the tragedy but it was still a feel good story about friendships. I came here after watching just to recommend it to everyone, it's really touching.. I don't watched the full movie yet but I'm sure it's going to be great. Gaah, I'm disappointed, but I'm still looking forward to the film nonetheless. im really hoping for a kiss scene though XD JUST SO FREAKKING EXCITED, THE TRAILER IS MAKING ME FREAK OUT NOW!! and come on people, don't tell me you guys had/ will have your first kiss when you were/ will be 18. Stop being jealous & delusional & face the fact & reality that it's next to impossible to date your idols for they don't even know your name, let alone face. Even if they didn't date for real, it's not like DO is gonna date you instead. I'm happy that they chose her rather than a bad actress or a nugu actress. O and the rest look younger (and well some of them look kinda dorky and nerd) and I'm pretty sure they wont be changing actor for the grown up scenes. i think maybe theres no kissing part in this movie bcoz d.o n sohyun will act as 17 years old student which is they will act as secondary school they will be student n as student cnnot doing kissing part.maybe this movie is about love story that is happen when teenagers love...i also hope this movie will be the best movie ever...daebak exo...

"Life is Beautiful" tells the story of a blended family who lives on Jeju Island.

Byung-Tae's mother (Kim Yong-Rim) & father (Choi Jung-Hun) are the first generation.

(Written on May 30) Reviewed below: Miss Granny (Jan 22) -- Venus Talk (Feb 13) -- Tabloid Truths (Feb 20) -- Broken (Apr 10) -- Han Gong-ju (Apr 17) -- A Girl at My Door (May 22) -- A Hard Day (May 29) -- The Admiral: Roaring Currents (Jul 30) -- Haemoo (Aug 13) -- My Ordinary Love Story (Aug 20) -- Tunnel 3D (Aug 20) -- Tazza: The Hidden Card (Sep 3) -- Hill of Freedom (Sep 4) -- The Wicked (Sep 11) -- Cart (Nov 13) -- My Love, Don't Cross That River (Nov 27) -- The Royal Tailor (Dec 24) -- How to Steal a Dog (Dec 31).

Having lived a hard life and reached her seventies, Oh Mal-soon is a woman who doesn't take any crap from anyone.

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