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When i got in touch with the company that manufactured the first six volumes, they told me they were no longer going to release future volumes because of poor sales and I think we should thank amazon for releasing it.Even though the physical quality of the dvd may suck, at least we get the episodes on dvd.

“I don't want to see old Amy Juergens,” she told a journalist (Woodley turned 25 in November).Sophie Stonehewer, 18, used matches and a candle to ignite a lounge curtain belonging to her 43-year old boyfriend Stephen Beddows while he was in bed.Stonehewer, who had been drinking wine, then fled to a neighbour's house and confessed starting the blaze, and later told police 'He [Mr Beddows] made me do it.'Mr Beddows jumped out of bed and put the flames out before the fire caused any major damage to his house in Stockport, Greater Manchester.In volume seven of this hit original series, relationships continue to shift and change as each character struggles with questions about loss, loyalty and love.In the wake of tragedy comes new beginnings, and ultimately, new challenges as everyone must come to terms with what kind of future they want for themselves and those they care about.

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