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Interestingly enough we are already mentioned in one of the other answers which lists us as one of the top 6 chat SDKs.At this time we were selling it - now the an improved version is completely free.You have the power One of the unusual things about the Chat SDK is that it is a complete open source messenger released on an MIT license.

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Support and community We fully support our Chat SDK meaning that we help you migrate it into your app and will troubleshoot problems you might occur along the way.

You can play lots of games on Synaptop with your date such as Memory Game, Cards vs. Bring more friends and have a big date with all your friends on Synaptop. We have lots of new TV shows and movies coming soon.

They are released on an MIT license meaning they are complete free to modify and release - you have no obligation to us.

We already have a school website, but I thought it would be a more pleasant environment if they could communicate with each other and have access to videos/ posters etc ingame.

Is it possible to text chat with others in this game engine?

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