Who is dan levy dating

“We thought, what if you threw someone else in the mix?

We had a lot of fun playing with this guy, who’s a very sexual Casanova, and intertwining Stevie and David in this funny romantic conundrum and just seeing how those characters wiggle their way out of it.

Homegrown Stevie has helped David slowly but surely adjust to small-town living and has helped him try to make the most of his situation.

“We have always played it so that these characters would find each other in this town.

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Like Jack Benny: funny people around him, and he just moves the story. I thought, I’m just going to kill mosquitoes on this guy!

On a recent Monday afternoon, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara were in town, taping an episode of the “Tonight Show” at NBC. (The town is so shabby that its mayor is Chris Elliott, scuzzily haggard, with a mullet.) Daniel Levy’s sister, Sarah, plays a local waitress. Photographers called their names, flashbulbs popping. The next stop was a “Schitt’s Creek” panel at the 92nd Street Y.

Before talking about “Schitt’s Creek,” the Canadian sitcom on which they co-star, now in its second season, they played Pictionary with Jimmy Fallon and Shailene Woodley. Levy and O’Hara, both long married, have known each other for forty-four years, and have played a couple several times. Backstage, O’Hara, looking elegantly fun—dark eye makeup, multidirectional hairdo, gray dress, beige fishnets, pink pumps—fretted quietly to Levy. In the car, they talked about their roles and the old days.

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