Who is mary stuart masterson dating

Amy Locane in Cry Baby Juliette Lewis in What is Eating Gilbert Grape Christina Ricci in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Mary Stuart Masterson in Benny & Joon Heather Graham in From Hell Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands Sarah Jessica Parker in Ed Wood Charlize Theron in The Astronaut's Wife Juliette Binoche in Chocolat I think we have a winner in Juliette, who looks as splendid today as she did then, and this is true even though she's the only woman on this list who is actually older than Depp. Get entertainment, celebrity and politics updates via Facebook or Twitter. I know Watts supposedly wanted Keith (Eric Stoltz) in that film, but I still can’t believe she didn’t end up with Amanda (Lea Thompson).

Come on, you know how much this movie made you cheer, sigh, and almost cry. He closes the space between them, picks her up and they kiss, spin, and kiss some more. @Bungluna I love the way she stares at him in some scenes, it takes my breath away. :) @Mochabean There is a book version where Watts does just that!

She’s a drummer, a rebel, and head over heels in love with Keith. Keith, a talented painter, wants to go to art school. The date is a little awkward, especially since Amanda plans on bringing him to a party to make Hardy jealous and Keith knows he’ll get his butt kicked.

Following the Teen Romance movie rules of course Keith is in love with the popular girl, Amanda Jones, played by Mrs. And still following the rules she dates the most popular boy, Hardy, played by hottie Craig Sheffer. He works diligently in school studying and after as a mechanic. Keith knows of Hardy’s infidelity and vows to win Amanda’s heart. But he shows her that he, a poor kid like her, can give her nice things. Little does Hardy or Amanda know that some of Keith’s friends from detention, the rough kind, are showing up to support him.

I love film sets, but I don't necessarily love being the center of attention.

As a director, I get to have a much broader creative expression than as an actress.

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